Why do I have contracts that are "Active" when they expired already?

At this time, UCM can't automatically change stages based on the passing of a date. Maybe someday!

You can, however, check for contracts that are expired but still in their 'Active' stage and use this view to mass-change their stage and even Archive them!

Create a View for Expired-Active Contracts

  • Create a Contract View with the criteria:

                         Expiration Date -- is within the last x days -- 9999

              [and]  Stage Name -- is -- Active (or Fully Executed, depending on your terminology)

  • Choose your columns in the Default Fields and Sequence section. We would suggest the following fields: Contract ID, Contract Name, Effective Date, Expiration Date, Stage Name
  • Choose a Sort Order, such as sorting in Ascending order by Expiration Date.
  • Select the checkbox to Save this View and enter a name that makes sense to you.
  • Hit 'Save and Run' to view all contracts that are Expired but still in their 'active' stage!

Bonus Tip:  Add a Scheduled View to have this report emailed to you routinely whenever results exist. Check out our articles on scheduling views and mass-archiving contracts!

Use 'Modify' to mass-change Stages

  • Inside your fresh new view, you should see checkboxes next to your contracts. Click the 'Select All' checkbox. Along the top of the grid is the Action: drop down. Select 'Modify Contract' from the list.

  • Hit 'Execute.' A screen will pop up like the one below. To change the stage of these contracts, click "Workflow/Stage" to show further drop down selections. Choose the workflow and the End stage you want to use, whether it's Terminated/Expired/Dead etc.

  • Hit 'Apply' and the changes will be queued. When you close the window, your view may refresh and show nothing in it; all those contracts are Terminated now, and won't fit the View criteria.

Check out more knowledgebase articles on how to mass-archive contracts!