Although it appears in the stage drop-down, Archive Agreement is not truly a stage. It is the action of moving a contract into your database's archive. Archiving an agreement is sort of like moving the contract from one file cabinet to another. It's still in your office but it's not cluttering up the file cabinet you use everyday. 

You will only see this option in your stage drop-down when the contract reaches a stage which allows you to archive, based on its configuration in the Contract Stages Administration. On this page, you can set specific stages to allow for archiving by selecting the Mark Archive checkbox next to each one.

Since Archive Agreement is not truly a stage, it preserves whatever stage the contract was in when it was archived for historical purposes. For example, a contract that is in the Terminated stage but changed to "Archive Agreement" will remain as Terminated but moved into the UCM archive.

We DO NOT recommend creating an "Archived" stage of your own. It just gets too confusing!


To Archive an agreement:

  1. Move the contract into a stage that allows for Archiving (based on the Mark Archive configuration).
  2. Once you set it to that stage, "Archive Agreement" will appear in your Stage drop-down list. Selecting "Archive Agreement" will allow you to leave a relevant note, if the contract died, didn't renew, was cancelled etc. You can also mark open milestones/activities as completed at this time.
  3. When you return to the contract, there will be a red circle with an A to represent "Archived." It will also appear in your folder structure with a red A for "Archived." Now the archived contract is in its separate file cabinet and won't appear in your grids, views, or searches unless you deliberately include archived contracts.

You can still find any archived contract by selecting the checkbox "Include Archived" in the Global Search as well as your View creation screens. To view all archived contracts, you can also create a view using the criteria:
              Archive -- is -- True

If you would like to archive multiple contracts at once, check out this article