This month's First Friday Webinar covered the following topics:

Bulk Loading & Updating Contracts

  • Downloading Bulk Loader headers
  • The importance of Field Group headers
    • Ensure your Data will stay within the correct Field Groups, and not be a free floating Field in your Contract Container.
  • Required Headers for all NEW CONTRACTS
    • Contract::name
    • Contract::owner
    • Contract::type
    • Contract::folder
    • Contract::workflowtemplate
    • Contract::stage
  • Common errors in Data Entry
    • Misspelled Names
    • Owner is not allowed for the Folder
    • Assigning a Stage that is not a part of the Workflow
    • Dates – Different Formats (Must be in MM/DD/YYYY format for Bulk Load)
  • Tips to quickly populate your data in Excel
    • Using =(CellNumberOfOriginalDate+365) will update all dates to one year in the future
    • Many other quick and easy Excel formulas can be found online to populate lots of repetitive data quickly
  • How to navigate the Bulk Loader Application
  • Common Error Messages you may see and how to easily fix them
  • Verifying the data was uploaded

New Features & Enhancements

  • AceOffix Update
  • Collaboration | Allow Anyone to Respond
  • New Login page warning messages
  • Dropdown and Multi-Select Fields auto updating to new values
  • Easier Contract Type Deletion with Milestone Rules (AMR's)