From the Attachments Tab of a Contract Container, you can add one or more documents using a very simple drag & drop feature!

To Start, simply click on the Add Doc icon located to the right side of the screen.

You will then be brought to a page with a Drag & Drop --or-- Click Here Upload box.

Next, you can choose you documents in the method you choose, either dragging and dropping or clicking top upload.

Once you have added your Documents, you'll receive a pop-up like the one below where you can add the document Attributes.

A) You will get a pop-up for each document you added, allowing you to individually set the Attributes of each document

B) You can select another Document already upload to the Container to add this new document as a newer version of it. This will keep the old document, but relate it to the previous version for ease of seeing the entire audit trail of the Document right in the Container.

C) If you have Document Explorer turned on, you will have a list of already created Folders for that Container to select from.

D) You can make any of the Documents you are uploading the Primary, as well as make it a Key Doc if you have that feature enabled

E) If you are uploading a group of documents (for example, past Amendments) that will all have the same Attributes, you can check this box to skip seeing a pop-up for each document and applying the current attributes to all remaining. The File and Document Name will still be unique to the File itself.

After you have entered all your Document information and Save, your documents will be displayed in individual cards.

Selecting Upload & Continue to Container will add them all and return you to the Attachment Tab.


If you need to Edit or Delete any of the documents you have added, you can select the Checkbox in the corner of the card and receive an Edit and Delete option above.