From the Attachments Tab of a Contract Container, you can add one or more documents using a very simple drag & drop feature!

Adding a Single Document

Click on the 'Add Document' icon:

You will see a screen generated like the one below, where you can drop your files. You can also use 'Select File' to browse your computer for files to add.

Next, arrange your open windows so you can see the document you would like to upload. Then click on the document and drag it to the ‘File’ box.

Give the document a title, state and category, if you want!

The screen now shows that the document has been uploaded and is ready to save. If you added the wrong document by mistake, click the Remove button.

Add an optional description of the document and, if you're using Document folders, select the appropriate folder.

Last, decide if this is the Primary Document for this container. If not, leave this checkbox blank and hit Save!

Adding Multiple Documents

The process to add lots of documents is very similar to adding a single document. 

Click on the 'Add Mult. Docs' icon to begin:

You will be presented with a screen that looks like this: 

Add a Document Category and State but bear in mind, this category and state will apply to all the documents you upload. This is also why there isn't a Document Title, UCM will use the name of your file as the Title.

Drag and drop your files from your computer's folder or click 'Select File' to browse locally. You can use the mouse to select a bunch of files or hold CTRL and click the files you want.

When you've added the files you want, click 'Verify' so UCM can make sure the files are an acceptable size and file type.

The Final and Signed contracts are Verified and ready to upload. The NDA was added after, and hasn't been verified (so it's Pending). If a file is added in error, click the Remove button. Make sure all files are Verified before trying to click Save!

Add an optional Document Description and Folder, if you're using Document Folders.

Click 'Save' to upload the document(s)!