So you have a contract container created with the original master contract but you have some associated documents that go with it, how can you easily add all those documents?

This is accomplished with the Multi-Add Docs feature!

*Note* If you're a Read Only user you won't have this feature available through the Attachments tab. However, if your company uses Library Templates or Classic Templates, you can add a template document and attach additional paperwork there.

Go to your Attachments Tab

In the Attachments Tab you will see an icon for adding multiple documents (and for single documents.) If you're not sure what the icon is, hover over it!

Click this icon and you will see a screen like this:

(1) Document Category Document State - What category and state are these documents? Note: Choosing a category and state will apply to all of the documents you're uploading.

(2) File - This section is where you can drag and drop your files of you can click 'Select File' to browse your computer.

(3) Verify - After selecting your files, you'll have to verify them to make sure they're a size and file type that UCM can handle. 

(4) Document Description - Like category and state, this description will be applied to all documents added.

(5) Document Folder - If your company is using Document folders (which works like a folder explorer on a per-contract basis) you would select the Document folder here. If you're not sure, leave this blank.

Verifying the Documents

Once you select the documents you want to upload, the screen will look like this:

You can see the name, size and file type of the attachments as well as how many you have in your selection and in the pending queue. To get rid of a document, you click 'Remove.'

Click 'Verify'

Now the documents are 'Verified' and there are none left in the queue.

Click 'Save' to add your documents to this container!