Creating the Table:

  • Navigate to Company Admin --> Contract Administration

  • Select Contract Table Configuration which is towards the top

  • Within Table Administration, select the green “+ New Table from the top right corner

  • Give your Table a Name (1)

    • This is the name that will appear on the Tables Tab on the Contract Summary page

  • Optionally, give your Table a Description (2)

    • This will ONLY display in the Table Admin section, not in the Table or Contract itself

  • Select if you want your Table to be Active (3)

  • Save (4)


  • The page will look similar to the previous, but there is now the Add Field button


Adding Fields to the Table:

  • Select the Add Field button

  • Give your new Field a Name (A)

  • Select the Field Type (B)

  • Select if it is a Required Attribute (C)

  • Select if the Field is Active (D)

  • Save (E)


  • Once you Save, your new Field will be added to your Table like this:


  • Re-Arrange Fields in Table (A)

  • Field Name (Edit Field) (B)

  • Field Type (C)

  • Delete Field (D)

  • Add more Fields (E)

  • Continue to create Fields until all have been added to the table

  • Once all Fields have been created, Save your new table (F)

Adding the Table to a Contract:

  • From the Contract Container’s Summary Tab, select the green “+” next to Contract Data (A)

  • Using the menu that pops up, select your Table from the drop-down menu (B)

  • Select Add (C)


  • The new Table will appear as a tab next to Contract Data (1)

  • From within the new Table Tab, select Add (2)

  • Fill in the fields with the correct information (Just like entering Data in traditional Fields)

  • Save the data to your Table (3)


  • Your Data now appears in the Table, and it is able to be moved, edited, and arranged just like the other Grids within UCM

  • You can also Report off the Table Data to a CSV Excel file

  • To Add another set of data, simply select the Add button and fill out your Fields again