UCM's LMS (Learning Management System) is a self paced training tool for both Admins and End-Users that will teach you the basics of UCM and how the system functions. This is a premium subscription based feature that not all systems will have. For more information, please see HERE.

If you have questions, or are interested in adding UCM's LMS, please contact ucmsupport@icontracts.com.

Automatic Login

If your organization has purchased the LMS, there will be an LMS icon and link under the ? above the Global Search located in the top roight corner of your screen.

There is also a link at the top of your Profile/Help area that will take you straight to the LMS site as well.


If you have already been set up as a User in the LMS, you will be automatically logged into the home screen, and you can access the courses you are enrolled in by using the dropdown at the top of the page (1), or by selecting the course from the list on the left (2).


Internet Explorer (Not Recommended) & New Users

Automatic login is NOT supported in Internet Explorer. If you use Internet Explorer as your primary internet browser, you can still use the link from Profile/Help, however you will need to manually enter your login information. It is strongly recommended that if you are still using Internet Explorer, you switch to Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Your Username is the same as it is in UCM, and if you are unsure of your password, you can easily reset it using the link under the login area (A). You will need to be set up as a User in the LMS system for the reset password to work. If you do not receive a Password reset email within 5 minutes, please contact your Local UCM Admin.


If you have never used the LMS, you will need to request access from your Local UCM Administrators first. You can find a list of your Admins from the Profile/Help section, right under the LMS link. You will receive a notification that you are configured once the request has been processed. Requests are generally processed within 24 hours.

How to Navigate your Courses

At the bottom of the LMS home page is a short video that will walk you through the basics of the LMS and what to expect when taking a course.

Below is a quick reference breakdown of what your courses will look like:


(A) - Section Tabs at the top allow you to move between the different sections of the course you are in. It is recommended that you take your course from start to finish, since later videos will reference earlier videos, however you do have the freedom to focus on the sections that matter most to your role at your organization.

(B) - Section Summary will give you an overview of the entire section you are about to learn. Very high level.

(C) - Downloadable Reference Guides may be available in certain sections and for certain topics. If you see an icon like the PDF one here, you can click to download the attached file for future reference.

(D) - Topic Introduction will give you a more detailed summary of a specific topic in the selected section. These introductions will help introduce the key concepts that will be covered in the video to follow.

(E) - Topic Videos are where the majority of your LMS time will be spent. Each video is between 5-20 minutes and uses highlights, call-outs, picture-in-picture overlays, and other tools to help you learn the in's and out's of how UCM operates. It's important to keep in mind that these videos were created using examples. Your system and it's overall set-up will look much different than the examples in the video, however the concepts and methods used will still apply.

(F) - Topic Quizzes are the final part of the LMS, and it is where we help to reinforce the most important concepts from the Topic Video. Quizzes are between 4-6 questions each, and there are UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS. These quizzes are here to help you learn, not cause you any worry. We like to think of these quizzes as a way for us to verify that a concept was not misunderstood during the training video. We highly recommend that you review your quiz attempts, pass or fail, because there is valuable information in the review notes.