This month's First Friday Webinar covered the following topics:

New Features & Enhancements

Full Details on all Enhancements below can be found HERE

  • Responsible Party Labels
    • Labels are more clearly visible on the Contract Summary Screen
  • Template and Library Template Defaults
    • Template options now Default to the logical selection for where the document will be created
    • Ex: Using a Template to create a new Contract will default to Create new Contract Container
  • Sub-Table Links and Permissions
    • Sub-Table reports from the Enterprise ribbon now have links back to the specific Contract Container
    • New Folder Permission for Users will allow you to restrict who can Create/Edit/Delete Sub-Tables
  • Initial Workflow Stage Lock
    • New Allow To permission for Users that will prevent them from changing the Initial Workflow Stage when creating a New Contract

Overview of Milestones

  • The concept behind Milestones
    • Tied to Date Fields in the System
    • Safety-Nets for all Critical Dates
  • How Contract Type affects Milestones
    • Contract Types can be used to create custom notification patterns for the same date on different Contract Types to allow for more flexibility and less need to create specific Date Fields for each type of Contract.
  • Milestone Completion Notes
    • An optional feature we strongly recommend you use
    • Will help you stay more on top of what your Users are doing in the system
    • Can be made optional, and even have dropdown selections for an easier End-User experience
      Document Milestones | Upcoming Enhancement

  • Anticipated release in late July, early August
  • Will allow for Milestone Rules to be created for individual Documents
  • Will use Document Categories like Contract Types in traditional Milestones to create custom reminders for different types of Documents
  • Documents with No Category will have a default system Milestone created for them
  • More information and full guides will be coming as we near the release date!