The following instructions are how to install AceOffix on a single device

For instructions on how your organizations IT department can perform a Mass Silent Install on all devices, please download the document at the bottom of this article.

Initiating Install

If you have never enabled Edit in Cloud for your organization, you’ll need to do so first before installing the plugin. Directions for enabling can be found HERE.

To begin the install of AceOffix, first, close down ALL PROGRAMS except the browser you will use to log into UCM.

If you are using Chrome, you can begin the install by going to the Profile/Help (1) section in the top right corner of your screen, and then clicking the Edit in Cloud Plugin (2). This will download the plugin file, which after clicking on it, will begin the installation process.


In any other browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, etc.), you can initiate the install by first having AceOffix enabled for you organization, and then going into a Container that has a Word or Excel file as it’s primary document. Click the Edit in Cloud link, which will inform you that you need to install the AceOffix plugin, and you can begin the installation process.


You can also initiate the download by using a Library Template if your Organization does not use Edit-in-Cloud,

PC Administrative Rights

Installing AceOffix requires Administrative rights for your PC, which you may not have per your organizations IT policies. If you cannot install/uninstall programs to your work computer, you will need to contact your internal IT support to be given permission. If they have any questions, please have them reach out to UCM support.

You will know if you are allowed to install on your PC when you reach the Windows install screen. You’ll receive a pop-up that looks similar to one of the two below.

If it looks like example (A), then you are allowed to install, and you can follow the steps laid out by your Windows Installer. The video below will walk you through this process if needed. If your pop-up looks like example (B), then you are required to log in with Administrative credentials before you install. This is when you may have to reach out to your internal IT if you do not have that information or privileges.


Firefox Additional Install Steps

Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is the default browser for most UCM Users, but some users also use Firefox. Both Internet Explorer and Chrome are able to have the AceOffix plug-in installed once, and then there are no additional steps.

Firefox, however, is unique and requires a special install procedure due to the nature of Firefox’s security protocols. Since the settings that need to be configured are only for the browser, not the user’s PC settings, the below steps should be able to be followed regardless of PC Admin rights.

Steps for Firefox Security Settings:

  1. Completed the standard AceOffix Install
  2. Copy the URL below into your Firefoxbrowser to setup your Security Settingshttps://
  3. Click the Advanced(A)button1.jpg
  4. Click Accept the Risk and Continue(B)2.jpg
  5. Your page will now look like below, with only this text visible (C), and you are all set.3.jpg

Video Guide

The video below will walk you through the entire installation process, which will only take approximately two minutes and DOES NOT require a PC restart. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact us

Silent Install Documentation for IT

For any questions about Mass Installing, please contact