There are Admin specific reports that can be run from the Company Admin section of UCM that will give you information on your Users permissions, activity, and any outstanding Reviews or Stage Approvals.


Below is a list of what each report will allow you to see:


User Folder Permission Report -  Will show a complete breakdown of what permissions a SINGLE User has to each Folder in your security set-up. 

Folder Security Settings Report -  Similar to the report above, but will show the type of access every User has to a SINGLE Folder.

User Security Settings and Contract Entry Report -  Where the User Folder Permission Report will show Folder permissions for a User, this report will show all the Contract Type, Workflows, and Template documents a User has access to see.

User's Non-Inherited-Rights Contract Security Settings Report -  This mouthful of a report will simply show any Contracts that a User has been singular access to outside of their normal Folder Permissions. 

User History Report -  Will show all activity a single User had over a 90 day period, or the activity of all Users for 30 days. You can select the exact date range to include in the report. All history is kept, but can only be extracted in 90 or 30 day intervals per report.


Outstanding Reviewers -  Will show any Users who have not completed an ad-hoc Container Review. Not attached to Workflow

Outstanding Stage Reviews -  Will show any Workflow Stages that have approvals on them that are currently pending.


Milestones - Completed -  Use this report to see all Milestones that have been completed in a specific date range. Same parameters as User History Report above. The date range you select will be return all Milestones that were completed during that time frame, NOT when the Milestones were sent out. 

Milestones - Notifications Sent but Not Completed -  This report will return exactly what the name suggests, any Notifications that have been sent that have not yet been completed. The date range you select here will be for when the notifications were sent out.

Note: For both Milestone Reports above, if you are running the report for a Single User, the User you select needs to be the Responsible Party on the Milestone set-up & grid. This report will NOT show Milestones that were completed by other users.

Milestones - Combined Completed and Not Complete -  A full Milestone report that combines both completed and not completed Milestones, for a single Container. You must enter the Contract ID to run the report, so a best practice is to have those ID's ready before going to this area.