Below is a list of Enhancements and Bug Fixes that went into UCM on November 22nd, 2019.

Attachment Backups

We are making some changes to how you perform a backup of your Attachments. Previously, you could only download one Attachment at a time, or all the Attachments in a Container, even if you only needed a few.

Now, when you create Views of your Attachments, the Backup will take ONLY what is in the Grid that is a part of the View. Instructions for the new and improved method of Attachment Backups can be found HERE.

User & Company Info Display

This change is purely cosmetic and will not affect functionality.

The old layout was vertical, and included the headers of Username, Company, and UAP.


Now, the information is displayed horizontally, and the headers are removed. If you are an organization that has multiple Objects, you now click on the name of the object that is in blue text to select your other Object from the dropdown menu.


Bug Fixes

DocuSign Upload Errors

There were also reports of issues when uploading documents to DocuSign for e-signatures. This was an issue related to special characters in the document name which have since been resolved.