Below is a list of the smaller Enhancements and Bug Fixes that went into UCM on October 1st, 2019.

Attachment Grids

We have upgraded Attachment Grids to use the Left-Right selector when adding, removing, or re-organizing your Grid headers. Previously you have to use dropdown style checkboxes which could be very difficult to navigate. Now, you just need to select the Columns link from the header dropdown, and it will bring up the Left-Right selector. We hope this new addition makes organizing your Attachments Grids much easier!


Workflow Approval Notifications

We've heard you. UCM is great for making sure you are always on top of your Contracts, but sometimes, it's too much. We have added in a new feature which will help you to cut down on the amount of notifications you get when you are assigned to a Workflow stage.

Previously, if a Stage had Approvals set, with multiple users assigned, whenever anyone would Approve or Reject, everyone assigned to that Stage would get notified. Now, we've added in the ability to only send out emails when EVERYONE has Approved, or when there is a Rejection.

This Enhancement WILL change the way your System is currently set-up, and default to the new method of notifications. If you prefer the older method, and wish to still receive notifications every time someone Approves, you can easily change back.

Simple head to Company Admin --> Settings --> Workflow Stage Approval Communication Settings (located at the very bottom of the page). 


You will see Notify on Rejection and ALL Approved (A), which is the new method and should already be selected, and you'll also see Notify All (B) which is the old way. After making your selections, you can Save.


This enhancement will also affect the Assigned Contracts tab in the Enterprise Ribbon. Now, once you have Approved a contract, it will be removed from your counter and pop-out list to more accurately reflect the Contracts that you really need to work on.

Bug Fixes

We worked on the following issues that were reported to us to help improve the performance of UCM:

Blank Page on Views with 50 or 100 records per page

  • There used to be an issues of UCM not auto scrolling back to the top of the page in Views with many records being displayed, and making it appear as though you were viewing a blank page.

Copy User Permissions - User Type Reassigning

  • Copying a Users Permissions to another User will no longer change the copied-to Users user type.

SAML Single Sign-On Logout Issue

  • There was a reported issue of some SAML users not being able to logout completely that has now been resolved.

If you have any questions about any of these minor Enhancements, please contact us at