In the past, Views and Contract Actions where the only was to copy a Contract. That meant you needed to create a specific View for the one Contract you want to copy and then use the Contract Actions dropdown. Now, with an icon located right above your Workflow section, you can Copy a Contract directly from a Container.


Giving a User permission to Copy a Contract is still the same. Go to their Profile through Company Admin --> Manage Users --> Select User, and then down at the bottom in the Contract Actions box, select the Copy Selected Action. This will cause the Copy icon to appear in all their containers, and also give them option to still use the old way of copying from a view.


Location and Use:

From inside a Contract Container, located next to the Contract name, is the "kebob" icon ... (1), which will have the Copy (2) option to select so long as you have the permission.

When you select it, you’ll be given the options to give the new Contract a name (A), and also to include or not include the Attachments (B).