Have you found yourself being asked to complete tasks in UCM that you are unsure of how to do?

Do you have end-users constantly asking you how to use UCM, even for the most basic of functions?

Whether you are a seasoned veteran who is now being asked to change or reconfigure parts of your system that you are unfamiliar with, a new admin who inherited an already built system and you need to know where to start, or are simply tired of answering endless questions like "what does this button do?" from your users, we all need a little refresher now and then. 

UCM University

UCM University is a self-paced Learning Management Software (LMS) that will allow both your Administrators and End-Users to learn all the ins and outs of how UCM works, but on their schedule! There are no time constraints or meetings to make. Your time is valuable and we want you to be able to learn at your pace.

You do however, have the option of 5 hours of one-on-one meetings between your Admin and a UCM Product Specialist to ask any questions about how to implement what they've learned during the course, at an additional charge. Learning at your own pace is great, but sometimes it still helps to be able to get immediate responses and examples to your questions.

Each course comes with over 6 hours of video content, multiple quizzes that help reinforce the topics discussed during the videos, printable guides and glossaries, and links to relevant Knowledgebase articles. For a brief demonstration of the UCM University, please watch the video below.

UCM University is a premium feature, and as such, it does carry a yearly subscription cost. There are different levels available that come with additional one-on-one support calls.

If you would like more information about cost, please let us know through support and we will get you in contact with someone from our sales department.