UCM has an additional feature for purchase that links UCM and DocuSign together. You'll be able to send any documents out for signature from the Contract Container, and then once it's been signed, download it directly back into UCM. 

Logging into DocuSign

From the Attachments Tab inside of a Contract Container, click on the DocuSign icon to log into DocuSign through UCM.


Enter your DocuSign credentials and click log in. You must have an account through DocuSign in addition to the connector to UCM. 


You'll be redirected back to UCM as soon as you login, and you'll now see an Upload icon next to the DocuSign icon.


Uploading Documents to DocuSign

To upload to DocuSign, you'll want to first make sure that you have the eSign and eSign Status visible on your Attachment grid below.


Then simply check the eSign box next to the document you want to send for signature, and Upload.


Your document will process, and you'll see a few identifiers in your Container that the document was sent out. First, you'll receive a confirmation banner above (A), you'll see another new icon, Console (B), and in the grid below, you'll see an (e) next to the eSign box, and a Sent for Signatures status (C).


Processing the Documents in DocuSign

Now that the document has been uploaded, we'll use the Console to use DocuSign to determine who the document will be sent to, and where they'll have to sign.

After you select the Console icon, you'll have a DocuSign pop-up appear. You'll need to first go to Manage (1), then to Drafts (2), and finally, Continue (3) next to the Document you previously uploaded.


Determine who the document will be sent to, and configure any additional options through DocuSign. Select Next at either the top or the bottom of the screen to continue.


Now place inside your document where you need the document to be signed, initialed, etc. When you are done, you can Send (A).


Signing the Document

Your recipients will receive an email with a link to DocuSign where they can sign the document. Your recipients DO NOT need to have a DocuSign account.


DocuSign will help aid them in signing the document and making sure nothing is missed.


If they have an account with DocuSign, they'll be able to download the signed document to their account if they wish. 

Downloading Signed Document Back into UCM

Once the document has been signed, you'll receive an email letting you know. 


Note: There is a 30 minute buffer between receiving this email and being able to download the document back into UCM. This is currently being worked on to improve the time gap.

Back inside of UCM, you should now see a Download icon with all the other DocuSign buttons.


Clicking this will bring up a confirmation pop-up letting you know that the Document has been signed and is ready to be brought back. Click OK.


You'll now see your signed document in your grid below with the eSign Status as Completed, and your Version Number will be increased by .05



This is a paid enhancement from iContracts, and also requires a separate subscription with DocuSign. 

There is no requirement for a specific DocuSign Subscription Level, any subscription with them will work with UCM. 

Please contact sales@icontracts.com for more information about pricing.