UCM has an additional feature for purchase that links UCM and Adobe Sign together. You'll be able to send any documents out for signature from the Contract Container, and then once it's been signed, download it directly back into UCM. 

Logging into Adobe

When you go to the Contract Container inside of UCM that contains the document you want to send out for signature, you’ll first need to log into your Adobe Sign account.

Under the Attachments Tab inside the Container, you’ll see the Adobe Sign (1) icon to the right of your screen. Click this icon to begin the login process.


Once you click that icon, you’ll be taken out of UCM for a moment. You’ll want to put the Email associated with your Adobe Sign account in the Email line (A), and then just click into the Password (B) section. NOTE: This will cause your screen to flash and be brought to another page. You DO NOT put your password in on the first page, but rather the second. Once you’re brought to the second page, you can now  enter your Password (C), and then Sign In (D).


After you login to Adobe, you’ll be redirected back to UCM, into the Container you were in previously.

Uploading a Document for Signatures to Adobe

Now that you’re logged in, you should see an Upload icon next to the Adobe Sign icon. Before selecting that however, you’ll want to check the eSign (1) box next to the document, or documents, that you want to send for signature. If you are selecting multiple document, remember that they are all going to the same recipients. Once you have the files selected, now you can click Upload (2).


A pop-up window will appear where you can fill out the Recipients Email (3), configure any additional options such as the Message that displays with the email or if you want to Password Protect or Reminders set, and then you can click Next (4).


Your document will process, the load time on this depends on the size of your document, and then you can place your Signature, Initials, or any other signee information that you need into your document. Once you have everything set, simply Send (5).



You’ll get a confirmation from Adobe that the document has been sent, and you can Close (6) this window.


Back inside the Container, you’ll receive a Confirmation Banner (A) from UCM, you’ll now have additional Adobe Icons (B), and if you have the column eSign Status (C) in your Attachments Grid, which we strongly recommend you do, it will now display Sent for Signature.


Emails & Signing Process with Adobe

When you send your document out for signatures, your Recipients will receive an email with a link that they can use to sign the document. It is not required that they have an Adobe account.


Following the link, Adobe Sign will help guide your recipients to fill out the form completely.


Once the entire document is signed, they’ll receive a Click to Sign button at the bottom of the document, which will also send an email alerting everyone that the document has been signed.


Your signee will also receive a confirmation with the option to download a copy of the signed document for themselves.


You will then receive an email letting you know that the document is signed, as well as the signed document attached as a PDF File.


You can now log back into UCM to download the signed version back to your Container.

Downloading your Document back into UCM

After you’ve received the email letting you know that the document has been singed, you can go back to the original Container in UCM. If you do not see a Download icon with all the Adobe icons, hit the Refresh (1) button, and you’ll receive a pop up alerting you of an Updated Status of Agreement: SIGNED.


After you Refresh, you’ll see a Download (2) icon appear. NOTE: Depending how on how long it was between receiving the Signed Document email and logging back into UCM, you may just see the Download icon, and can skip Step 1 of Refreshing.


All you have to do is simply click Download, you’ll get another pop up where you just select OK,


And your document is now down in the Grid below (3). Your Adobe Icons will now return to displaying just Login and Upload (A) as well.


Promoting your Signed Document to the Primary

After you’ve downloaded your Signed form back into UCM, you may see a message under your Primary Document letting you know that there is a more recent version of the document (A).

To promote your newly signed document to the primary, simply click the link (1) under the Document Name Column to access it’s properties.


Now you just have to select Promote to Primary Document (2) at the bottom of the documents attributes.


Just like when you uploaded the document to Adobe, you’ll receive a Confirmation Banner (A) above letting you know the document was updated successfully, and you’ll see the new signed copy is now the Primary Document (B), and it is still in the grid below (C) along with your original copy.


For any additional questions about Adobe Sign, please contact:



This is a paid enhancement from iContracts, and also requires a separate subscription with Adobe Sign. 

There is no requirement for a specific Adobe Sign Subscription Level, any subscription with them will work with UCM. 

Please contact sales@icontracts.com for more information about pricing