Bulk Archive Contracts

We are adding an Administrator function to allow Administrators to “bulk archive”. This will take a batch of contracts in your system and move the Workflow Stage to Archived Agreement.

There is a two-part process in doing this. First, like the Bulk Loader function, you need to create an Excel CSV file, containing a list of Contract ID’s and Archive Notes. Once this file is generated, you would then run the Bulk Archive program to select those Contract Containers on the CSV list and archive them.

There are checks and balances done along the way, which are explained below.

Setting Up the Excel CSV File

This Excel CSV file is designed to require two columns. Column A will list all Contract ID’s and Column B will list Archive Notes. One way to create this file is to run a Contract View, where the search criteria (such as Expiration Date on or before mm/dd/yyyy) would generate a report of all contracts that match. Then you click Report to upload the contract grid to Excel (you will really only need the Contract ID column). Once
you have the Excel file, add the Archive Note to the file and Save As a CSV file. Don’t forget to remember the filename for later and then close the file.

Column A = contract::id
Column B = contract::archivenote

Running the Bulk Archive Program

This is the easy part. From Company Admin: Contract Administration, you will see this new option.
Click on the “Bulk Archive Contracts” link, which functions similar to the Bulk Load Contracts.

Choose your file and click 'Archive.'

Archiving the Contracts

When you Bulk Archive, the system will verify that your list of contracts is legitimate and actually
ready to be archived. For example, a contract in Draft would probably trigger a Warning Message:

If you click Yes, all of these contracts will be archived.
If you click No, the archive will stop and you will need to edit the file and restart the process.

You have one more confirmation before Archiving begins. Depending on the results of your Bulk Archive “pre-check” Verification, you may see this Confirmation! screen.

Click 'Yes' to close any open/incomplete Activities/Milestones.

This container is now archived, note the red bubble A to show it's status.

Updating the Notes & History Tabs

Whenever contracts are bulk archived, the contract::archivenote text is added to the Notes Tab. See the “Note” field below to see how this note is displayed.

The History Tab shows the Note has been added as well. This view shows the Notes came from the Notes Tab, so once the Notes are added to the Notes Tab, then the Notes Tab information is added to the History Tab.