To backup Documents from a Single Container, follow the instructions HERE.

To create and download a Backup of any of your documents from multiple Containers, simply navigate to the Attachments tab (A) and run a View (B) that displays all your desired Attachments. After selecting the view you’d like to use, you will now see the following icon near the top right of your view’s grid (C).


Note: You MUST run a View to perform a backup on multiple Containers, even if it is for a Full Document Backup. Instructions for that set-up are below.

Clicking that icon will prompt you with an option to create a .ZIP file of all the documents present in your view. The system will process your request (this process could take a few minutes depending on the size of the backup) and when the Backup has been created, you'll be prompted to click the Download Backup link that appeared.


After clicking Download Backup the file will either automatically download or give you the option to open or save the file depending on your browser.


Creating a Full Document Backup

To download a full backup of ALL your documents in UCM, you’ll need to create a View that displays every document in your system. First, head to the Attachments Tab and click the Add New View button (1) on the left side of the screen.


As for the criteria of the View, you’ll want to set it up as AttachmentNumber - Exists - True. Be sure to also have Include Archived (A) checked if you want to truly back up everything.


You’ll also need to make sure to include all Fields in your Grid. To do this, hover over any field in the Default Fields And Sequence area, click the blue down arrow and click the Columns button in the drop down. In the popup, the left side are available columns and the right side are what will be seen in the view. To move every column over at once you can click the Double Right Arrow (2) button then click Save (3).


Once you Save and Run (4) this View you’ll see the Cloud Backup button appear above the grid and from there you can follow the steps presented earlier in this article.