This month's First Friday Webinar covered System Maintenance, specifically focusing on backing up your data and deleting/deactivating existing Fields.

New In UCM

  • Document Milestones 
    • Set rules and create Milestones for individual documents in a Container
  • Workflow Approvals | ALL or ANY
    • Select if a Workflow Approval Stage needs to have ALL Users assigned approve (current configuration) or, just one of them.
  • New User Security Reports
    • You will now be able to run an Admin report to see all Contract Types, Workflows, and Template documents a User has access to for both new entry and system usage as well as three new Milestone Reports.

"What's Cooking" in UCM

  • Special guest star Carl Leinbach makes an appearance to preview exciting new UCM enhancements coming towards the end of this year!  

Backing-Up Your Data

  • How to Perform a Full-Data Backup
    • Walk-through article HERE
  • Backing-up a Single Field
    • Mainly used when changing Field Types (example in webinar)

Deactivate/Delete Fields

  • How to Deactivate a Field
    • What will your Field look like in UCM after you deactivate?
    • What does Deactivate do?
    • Why would you deactivate?
  • How to Delete a Field
    • Backing up your data
    • Warning messages

Using Back-Up to Restore Data

  • Reloading your data into the system using your back-ups and the bulk loader
  • Uses Bulk Loading techniques covered in First Fridays Episodes 18 & 19. Links to recordings on the right side panel