Automatic Milestones can be created to send out notifications based off a date you add to the system. 

Note: for the milestone to trigger, make sure your contract has the date field filled in!

You will be able to use any system Terms Dates, as well as any custom created date fields. Any custom date fields will need to be created prior to the Milestone Rule being configured.

To access Automatic Milestone Rule Administration, head to Contract Administration, which is accessed from the Company Admin tab on the Enterprise Ribbon.

In Automatic Milestone Rule Administration, click the green plus sign to create a new Automatic Milestone Rule.

Creating your new Milestone Rule 

There are three main section to setting up a Milestone Rule, Configure, Escalation (optional), and Email Notification.

Under Configure, you have the following options:

Name - Name will be see along with the name of the Contract on the emails

Active - If this Milestone Rule is currently being used. You can pre-create Milestones and activate at a later date.

Field Source - All users will see Custom Date Fields and Term Fields, and any system that is using Document Dates, will also see Document Attributes. Your selection in the top dropdown will affect the options below.

Specific Date- Under the Field Source dropdown is where you select the specific Date you wish your Milestone to be created on.  Note: If you select [TERM] LogicBased, this will ensure that the reminder is sent on the End, Review, Renewal, or Notify By Date regardless of Term Type.

Initial Notification - The number of days prior to the selected date that the Initial Notification will be sent. The only required days prior information for an AMR.

Repeat Notification - How often the system will send out a Repeat Notification reminder if the AMR has not been Completed yet. This is optional, and not required to configure. Your Users will be able to snooze the Milestone between the Initial Notification and the next scheduled Reminder Date, which would be the Final or Milestone Date itself if Repeat Notification is not used.

Final Notification - As the name suggests, this would be the Final Warning a User would receive for this AMR. This is also an optional configuration. Final Notifications cannot be snoozed, only completed.

Applicable Contract Types - Select the Contract Types you wish this AMR to apply to. Clicking the blue icon will bring up a selector screen, and your choices will be visible in the box to the right. Clicking the red will remove that selection. 

If you select ALL Contract Types here, then any newly created Contract Types will be automatically added to this Milestone. If even one Contract Type is excluded, then any newly created Contract Types will need to be manually added to the rule.

Assigned Users - Choose which Users or Roles will receive the email notifications. Selecting Owner, Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary will mean the system will look at who is assigned to that role per contract, and send out the notification to the correct person.

Assigned Role Models- Here you can select entire Role Models to be notified. This is seldom used, since Role Models could have potentially dozens or even hundreds of Users assigned, all of which would receive the email notification. Please use this area cautiously.

After Configure, you have the optional Escalation area:


The only configuration options here are how many days prior to the Specific Date the system will send the Escalation Email, and then you select the User or Users who will receive that email using the same method as Assigned Users above.

The final section, Email Notification, is where you set your message to your Users:

Description/Instructions - Here you can give some general directions to your Users about what needs to be completed. It is a good idea to keep these directions on the more "general" side, since they will potentially be going out on multiple types of Contracts. If you leave this area blank, it will be filled in with "System-Created Milestone".

Configure Fields for Notification - In this pop-out, you can select specific Fields, both custom and system created, to be included on the email notification. By selecting a Field here, any data from a specific Contract that is stored in that Field will be included on the email. This is how you can help to include Contract Specific information if you so choose. Every AMR notification will also have a link directly back to the Contract Container.

Notify on Complete - Any Users selected here will be notified once the Milestone has been complete.

Once you have configured all your rules, you can select Create Rule

The system will auto-create any milestones for existing dates in the system. This process can take up to 1-hour depending on the number of contracts the new rule applies to.