Automatic Milestones can be created to send out notifications based off a date you add to the system. Note: for the milestone to trigger, make sure your contract has the date field filled in!

Be sure you have a date field created to use for the notification in your system. (ex: Expiration date, due date) If the field does not exist, create it in the Field Administration area and place it in your Field Group(s).

To access Automatic Milestone Rule Administration, head to Company Admin from the Enterprise Ribbon, and then down to Contract Administration.


In Automatic Milestone Rule Administration, click the green plus sign to create a new Automatic Milestone Rule.


Title - Give the milestone a name that will make sense to users

Field Source - Select if this Milestone will be for your Custom Date Fields or Document Attributes

Date Field - Which date field should UCM use to calculate these milestone notifications

Contract Type(s) - Choose what contract type(s) this milestone will apply to. Hold CTRL to select multiple contracts or use the Click Here link to cherry-pick.

Description/Instructions - Optionally, you can add instructions that will show up in the milestone email your users will receive.

Days Prior - Don't forget this area, hidden on the right! Add how many days prior to your date field this notification should be sent.

Who is this milestone sent to?


Milestones can be sent to Individual User(s) or to entire Role Models! Use CTRL and click users to add a bunch, or use the Click Here link to open a pick-list to select them. You must first check the Role Model box to display the selection box for them.

You can also assign Owner, Primary/Secondary/Tertiary users to get these milestones. This way, the contract's Owner/Supporting Party will determine who gets the notification.

* To remove a User from receiving Milestones, hold Control and click their name again.

Add additional information to the notification

To add any additional information and fields, you can click on the Configure Fields link to open a list of all available fields and attributes. Drag the fields from Left to Right and continue dragging them around in the Included Fields area to re-order them:


Close the window and your Fields will be configured!

Notify Users on Completion

You can also set Users, who may be the same as above, to be notified when a Milestone is complete. Simply check the box and select your Users, Owner/Primary/Secondary/Tertiary are options here as well.


Click Create Rule to add this milestone rule.