Contract Actions is a feature that allows you to work with multiple Contracts at the same time to perform certain tasks. You have the ability to Delete, Copy, Modify, Email, and Create “X” Records. Each of these options are explored in more detail below.

These Actions are NOT enabled by default, so you are likely to not see these options available to you unless you have requested the ability to preform these actions from your local System Admin. Administrators also have the ability to turn on each of the five (5) Contract Actions independently per User. Ex: You can allow someone to Modify Contracts only, and not worry about them possibly Deleting any Contracts.

Below are what these Contract Action checkboxes look like on a Users Profile Page. They are located at the bottom underneath the "Allow To" Permissions.


When using Contract Actions, there are three (3) steps that need to be completed in order before you complete the action itself:


(1) First, you have to select which Contracts you want to perform the Action on. While not required, it is usually easier to create a specific View for all of the Contracts you want to perform the Action on and then simply “Select All”.

(2) Next, Select the Action you want to perform.

(3) Last, select Execute

After you select Execute, depending on the Action you selected, you’ll receive one of the following pop-ups:

Delete Contract


Delete Contract will do just what it says, Delete the selected Contracts entirely from your system. WARNING: When you Delete a Contract, it is gone FOREVER. Archiving a Contract is usually a better option than Deleting, and more information can be found HERE. You will receive a confirmation pop-up asking you if you are sure that you want to Delete the selected number of Contracts. Once you select OK, the system will begin deleting. Be very careful with this Action.

Copy Contract


Copy Contract is the only Action here that can only be done to a single Contract. The pop-out gives you the ability to Re-Name the Contract, as well as decide whether or not to include the Attachments inside the Container. 

Modify Contract


Modify Contract is the most commonly used Contract Action, as it will allow you to edit many attributes for a group of Contracts. The pop-up you receive will allow you to adjust any of the attributes located in the red box such as, Contract Name, Contract Type, Owner/Responsible Parties, and Workflow/Stage. There is no Save button on this screen, each individual option listed above will have its own Save. Additionally, keep in mind that you have the option to backup the Contracts you are about to Modify to either Excel or CSV, this way you'll have a record of what got changed in case you need to revert back. When you are done making your changes, simply Close Window.

Email Contract


Email Contract is a feature that is not commonly used, as the Email & Collaboration options from inside a Contract Container is usually a better option. If you do use this feature however, you must first select a Field, that is on all your selected Contracts, that has email addresses in it (think of this as you “To:” section). The emails listed in that field will be where the email is sent. After you give it a Subject and Message, you can optionally select an Attachment, from your PC, NOT the containers selected.

Create Corresponding “X” Records


Finally, Create Corresponding “X” Records allows you to add an Attachment, Activity, Manual Milestone, or Note to your selected Contracts. The “X” in this actions name refers to the item you select from the pop-out menu. Attachments are the most commonly used option, think adding an updated COI document to a group of Contracts with same Vendor. Whichever option you select to continue with will take you to a page that has the same options if you were to do any of these functions for a single Contract.