So say you've got your system set up and ready to go but realize all too late that the field you made a single-line isn't big enough and would have worked better as a multi-line! OH NO what now?

  • Before doing any mass changes to your system, we suggest you do a full contract back-up! 

Changing a Field Type can be done, but it takes some effort. It’s a multi-step process that basically involves creating a new Field of the correct type, and then replacing the Old Field with the New Field in your Contracts.

  • Add the letter X in front of the Old Field so it's easy to see which one gets deleted later.
    For example: XTermination Clause
  • Create a New Field with the correct name (Termination Clause), use the correct Field Type.
  • Insert the Field into your Field Group(s). Don't worry about deleting the other XTermination Clause from this Field Group yet.
  • Create a Contract View with the following criteria to bring up all contracts that have data in the field:
    XField Name – is null – false
        NOTE:  For checkbox fields, use the "exists - TRUE" criteria to find all contracts where that field exists.

For example:  XTermination Clause – is null – false 

            ** Be sure to select the "Include Archived" checkbox! **

Your view should have columns for Contract ID and the field you are updating.

Exporting and Editing your Report

  • Export the View to a CSV file using the "Report" button. Be sure to select the “Bulk Loader” option. Delete Rows 1 & 2 and all other columns but Contract ID and XField Name.
  • In the header for XField Name, change this to match the Field Group and 'New' field name. For example, Termination Clause is in General Information so the header will read General Information::Termination Clause. This will copy all your old field data into the new field inside it's field group.
  • Save this file as a .CSV

Running the Bulk Loader

  • Open the Bulk Loader (go to Company Admin – Contracts Administration – Bulk Load Contracts to download the application, if needed). Log in with your company credentials.
  • In the Bulk Loader, go to the Menu menu and select Upload Contracts
  • Browse for your file and select the checkbox for “Update Contracts” to update using the ID.
  • Click Upload Contracts
  • The Bulk Loader will check for errors and warnings. If no errors are found, you will see a Continue Upload button appear.
  • Click Continue Upload. You will know that the Bulk Loader is finished when you see a message confirming that your contracts have been updated, and when the globe icon stops spinning.
  • Confirm that your data transferred to the new field
    • Add the new field as a column under the Default Fields and Sequence section of the view you built to export data out of the old field. 
    • Sort in Ascending Order on the new field's column and confirm that all data was copied over successfully and there are no blanks in this column
  • Edit all existing Contract Views where the old field was used as View Criteria and/or a column in the Default Fields and Sequence section and update them with the new field. You may want to instruct your users to do this as well or use the "Share This View" feature to share your updated views with them
  • Once you confirmed the data transfer and updated your views, you can now delete the old field from the Contract Fields Administration. Deleting it here will delete it from your field group and everywhere else in UCM - including View criteria/columns.  


If you need any further help with this, please reach out to UCM Support: