Below is a list of Enhancements and Bug Fixes that went into UCM on June 26th, 2020.

Initial WF Stage Lock

We are making some changes to a user's ability to select the initial workflow stage when creating a contract. This will apply to both the Direct Entry as well as the Templates creation method. Previously, your Users could change the initial stage of a contract upon creating the contract container, and there was no way to prevent that.

Now, you will have an optional setting under each User's profile page that will allow you to prevent them from changing that Initial Stage.


This is also directly tied to the Workflow Override permissions on your User's Account page, more information HERE. When the Workflow Override is set to ON, you will automatically be granted the ability to choose the Initial Workflow Stage of a contract (A). When Workflow Override is turned OFF, the ability to set the Initial Stage will be an optional checkbox that can be granted and revoked at any time (B).


This option will be turned OFF by default in all systems, unless you opted out prior to June 26th. This can also be defaulted to ON if requested.

Responsible Party Labels

We've made some formatting changes to the Responsible Party section of the Contract Summary page to improve visibility for our users. Responsible Party Names (either aliased or not) are now centered and will display the full alias regardless of character length.


This fix is entirely cosmetic, and will not affect any responsible party functionality.

Template and Library Documents

We have changed the default option when creating contracts via a Template from Do not associate... to Create new Contract Container.

We've also changed the default option when adding attachments via a template to Add to existing Contract Container.


Previously, both template options defaulted to "Do not associate with a contract", and had to be switched to the desired action. This enhancement is designed to streamline the process of creating contracts and documents with Templates.

Sub-Table Links and Security

We've made a few changes to the Sub-Table functionality within UCM.

Only organizations utilizing Sub-Tables will be affected by these enhancements.

Previously, there was no way to navigate to an individual contract's Sub-Table record from the Main Sub-Tables grid. Now, we've included a new column to the grid, containing a link to the corresponding contract's Sub-Table grid. This will allow you to navigate to any contract by clicking the link in it's Sub-Table record.


We've also updated the Edit and Delete functionality on Sub-Table records.  Previously, these were static and could not be hidden for users. Now, Administrators will have the ability to disable the Edit and Delete options on a Sub-Table record for Read Only and/or Full Access users. This is also be available as a permission on any Role Model or Additional Access permissions.


Bug Fixes

Assigned To Activity selections for Mass Creation

Owner, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary have all been added to the Create Corresponding X Records area when creating Activities. Previously, you could only select Named Users, which made creating Activities in mass more difficult. This should help to alleviate that concern if you are using these Titles throughout your system.

Workflow Averages Error

There have been issues with Workflow Stage Averages not measuring correctly on the Contracts Grid within a saved View. This has been fixed, along with a small change to how the Stage Average is displayed.

Manual Milestone Reminders

If you use Manual Milestones, and also use the Repeat Notification option on them, the way that function works is changing for the better. 

Now, if that option is enabled, the repeat notifications will begin to be sent out the day after the initial notification. For example, if you have a Milestone that is scheduled for 90 and 60 day reminders, repeat notifications will begin being sent out on day 89, 88, 87, and so on until the 90 day Milestone is complete. They will begin repeating again on day 59, 58, 57, etc. once the 60 day notification has been sent. Completing all open Milestones will of course suppress all future notifications for that Contract still.

Repeat Notifications are currently ONLY available on Manual Milestones. However, there are plans to add them to all Milestones soon! Be on the lookout!