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This month's First Friday Webinar covered Document Maintenance, and all the features available to you in UCM to manage and report on your documents.


Document Attributes

  • Document Categories

    • Like Contract Types

    • Useful for Reporting/Grouping

    • More capabilities with Document Milestone

    • Will be a more important feature in the future with Document Sets

  • Document States

    • Similar to Workflow, but not as process driven

    • Useful for further filtering global search results for only Documents that have been signed/executed

  • Document Dates

    • With Document Milestones, more beneficial than before

    • Able to run Views based on these dates just like Custom UCM Date Fields

  • Document Values

    • Can run Views just like other Numeric Values in UCM

In-System Tools

  • Edit-in-Cloud

    • Available to ALL

    • Requires a Plug-In install - Instructions

    • Allows for easy in-system versioning and more feature heavy Templates

  • Collaboration ($)

    • Premium Email tool in UCM

    • Standard Email can send out, but NOT receive

    • Any documents sent in response to a Collab, even from outside sources, will be automatically uploaded to the Container in its own Category

    • Easiest way to get scanned/wet signatures from parties into the system

  • eSignature Integration ($)

    • DocuSign & Adobe Sign

    • Both require the integration from UCM & an Account with the service


    • Majority of the Process handled from the service pop-up screen

  • Create Corresponding X Records

    • Allows for the same document to be loaded to Multiple Containers at the same time

    • Useful for things like updated NDA/BAA’s or an Amendment from a particular Vendor you need to upload to all Contracts with that Vendor

  • Bulk Loading

    • Covered in detail on First Friday Episode 19 (June)

    • Can upload individual documents with different Attribute Data into the system in one shot using the Contract ID as the “key”

Reporting & Backing-Up

  • Example Reports

    • Documents of a specific Type that went Effective in a certain year

    • Only Primary Documents of a specific Type

    • Version Reporting using numeric criteria

    • Documents with Milestones

      • All Docs & only those in a certain Date Range

    • Filtering Attachment Views using Contract Views

  • Backing-Up Documents

    • Backing-Up from a View from the Enterprise Level

    • Using a Filter to only back-up those Documents from specific Contracts

    • Backing-Up a single Container from the Container

    • Using a View inside a Container