Reassigning Contract Owners or Responsible Parties is a task that many could be faced with, whether it be for an old employee leaving the company and hiring a replacement, or even just department shifts and promotions. There are numerous reasons you may need to reassign contracts in bulk from one user to another, and below, we’ll walk you through how to quickly and easily do so.

Reassigning Contracts from Existing User to New User:

Go to the ContractsTab in the Enterprise Ribbon

Select Add New View from the Contract View panel to the left

Create a View to bring up ALL the contracts your existing User is attached to as the Owner or Responsible Party

Under Criteria:

  • Select Owner from the first dropdown (1)
  • Select “ = ” in the second dropdown (2)
  • Type the existing Users FULLname into the third box (3)
    • Spelling is key, so a Copy/Paste of the users name may be helpful
  • To ensure that ALL contracts are changed over, check Include Archive (4) (optional)

Under Default Fields and Sequence

  • Using the Gear Cog, (5) set your fields to give you the data you need
    • We suggest keeping the number data fields small, since normally, we just want to get a snapshot of the contracts we are reassigning
  • In the bottom right, select the Save this View (6) checkbox, and give it a View Name (7)
    • This is to make it quick and easy to come back in and edit the view for Responsible Parties
  • Select Save and Run (8)


  • The system will automatically default to your New View after you Save and Run
  • We recommend that before you begin Reassigning, run a Report (1) so you have a backup CSV file that you can use to verify all the contracts have been Reassigned properly.
  • Check the Select All option (2)
    • If you only wanted to Reassign certain contracts, you could use the Records Per Page drop down option to show up to 100 of the users Owned contracts, and individually select the check boxes
  • Select Modify Contract (3) from the dropdown
  • Click Execute (4)
    • To Edit the View to show only Contracts where the User is a Responsible Party, simply select Edit View (5), and change the View Criteria to Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary Party


  • From the pop-up menu, select Owner (1)
  • Select your New User from the drop down (2)
  • Check Notify on Stage Update if you want your new user to be notified (3)
  • Click Save in the Owner row (4)
  • You may receive a pop-up telling you it may take the system a minute to complete the action. It is all dependent on the number of contracts being Modified. Just wait for the Green Confirmation Banner.
  • The same steps apply to the changing of Responsible Parties (5) with your Edited Views
  • Close Window (6)


Verify the Reassign (Optional):

To verify the reassign, simply edit the view you created earlier to show ONLY your New User’s contracts

You can always sort and filter by UpdatedOn to see only the contracts they own AND were updated in the last few hours (the time in which you just went through the reassign)

Using the Report button, you can also run a second report on the New User’s assigned contracts and compare it to your Original User’s Report within Excel

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Step-By-Step Guide: