What do you do, when a User forgets their password? 

The answer is simple: Reset it for them!

In the Manage Users Grid, found in Company Admin, you should see an icon of a little blue man under the column heading SendPasswordReset.

What does this man do? Clicking this icon on the row for a user will send them a password reset Email. Within, they can follow the link provided to create a new, more memorable password.

What if I don't see the SendPasswordReset column?

  • This column might just be stashed off to the right, hidden by the box's edge. Scroll to the right till you see the column, then click+drag it where you want to see it. The grid will remember where you place it! 

  • If this column isn't in the grid at all, you can add this column to your grid by hovering over the headings till you see an arrow. Hover on the arrow and you will see "Columns" as an option. Select "SendPasswordReset" to add it to your grid. You can also add or remove anything else you want to see in this grid! 


What if I don't see the user I need to reset their password?

  • If a user is 'locked out' or inactive, make sure the checkbox "Only Show Active Users" is not marked. In the example above, Mark Wyatt locked himself out for too many incorrect password attempts. Mark the 'Active' checkbox to unlock his account, then send a password reset.

  • Watch a short video on this subject HERE!!