*Note* For some User Types (Read Only, Template Only) you'll find not all Permissions will show up in a User's permissions folder. For Users who are Administrators or under a Role Model, user permissions can be changed from the User's profile but it won't actually make any changes to their permissions. 

Administrators have access to every folder and action. 

Role Model permissions must be set under the Role Model from Company Admin.

Overview of Permission Options

Checking the boxes for any of the following permissions will grant the ability to perform that action

  1. Change Contract Folder - Move a contract to a new folder or edit the folder from a contract's Summary Screen. Contracts can only be moved to folders their Owner can access
  2. Change Contract Owner - Edit the owner of a contract, this is helpful in the event a user is replaced or a contract changes hands.
  3. Be an Owner - Owning a contract makes that User primarily responsible for that contract. 
  4. Delete Document - User can delete attachment(s). Make sure this user is responsible! This action can't be un-done!
  5. Edit Contract Type - User can change the contract type
  6. Edit Contract - User can edit any of the contract attributes or fields
  7. Delete Field/Field Groups - User can remove individual, stand-alone fields or entire field groups of data. This data can't be recovered if it's deleted on accident, however!
  8. Create New Contract - User can add new contracts to the selected folder
  9. Download Contract Documents - View contracts by downloading the document locally
  10. Show Documents as View-Only - Another option to view contracts from the browser. 
  11. View Contract - Very important! If a user doesn't have permission to View the contract, they can't perform any actions on it. They can't change any data/fields/folders/owners etc.

Inherit Parent Folder Permissions

When you select a folder to change permission, if you see a series of Green checks or Red Ghostbuster symbols, un-check the box for "Inherit Parent Folder Permissions" so you can make edits!


"Inherit Parent Folder Permissions" means the Sub-folder or "Child" Folder will have the same permissions as the Parent. This is helpful when you have a user who will be granted permissions in many folders and sub-folders. Giving access to the "Parent" folder will grant access to all the sub-folders/children by default. Unchecking this will allow you to cherry-pick which permissions you'd like to keep. 

Creating New Security Folders

If you need to create any new Security Folders, you must navigate to a different area of Company Admin. Security Folders can NOT be created while editing a Users permissions.

To create new Security Folders, go to Company Admin --> Contract Administration --> Contract Folder Administration (towards the bottom of the list).

From there, you can simply right mouse click on any Folder to make a sub-folder under it. The next time you go to the User Security page, the new folders will be there for you to set the permissions.


If you want any more help with Permissions please reach out to UCM Support!