Once you click the Save button to create a New User, and you see the message…

you would think that this is the end of the process, but there’s another set of procedures that many Administrators forget to do, only to contact UCM Support when their new users report that they cannot access their contracts.

User Permission Tabs

These five tabs control what a User has permission to use and/or see. These tabs appear once a new user is created in the system. Only ignore these Permission Tabs IF you have also assigned a Role Model to the new user, as the Role Model decides what permissions are granted or denied.

Without assigning Role Models, you will need to give each User the permission to see the contracts for which they should have access. We will cover only the Folder Permissions here, information on the other Permission tabs can be found in this Knowledgebase or reach out to Support for help!

Defining Folder Permission

The default for all folders when a new User is added to the system (not applicable for admins) is no permissions (except “Delete Field/Field Groups”).  Most users should have folder access only to any located below “Contract Management System”.

To Provide/Decline User access to an entire folder

Select the Folder -> Uncheck “Inherit Parent Folder Permissions” -> Choose Permissions -> Save

Different User Types will have different options for Folder Permissions. In the example above, the checkboxes correspond to the possible permissions for a Full-Access User.

A Read-Only User will have far fewer permissions (shown at right). They can only Be an Owner of a contract, Download Documents, or View the data within a Contract container. However, with any Full‑Access or Read-Only Users, any of their individual rights can be removed by Administrators.