Administrators now have the ability to Copy Grid Settings from one user to another. This will help to keep a more organized, uniformed grid display for everyone.

This doesn't lock down your Users from then customizing their own grids like before, but it is now easier to help set-up new users with the right columns on their grids.

Admin Access

Only Administrators are able to preform the copy, since it is located in the Manage Users section of Company Admin, however you can select any User of the system to use as your Grids "default" to be copied to other Users.

Where it used to say Copy Permissions it now says Copy Config.


You may also notice that where the radio buttons to select who to Copy Permissions from is now a drop down menu with the original three options still there, and the newly added Copy Grid Settings.


Copying Settings

If you have ever used this feature in the past, it works the exact same way as Copying Permissions.

You'll need to first select which action you'll want to do, in our case that is Copy Grid Settings, and then you'll select the User you want to copy FROM (1). Then, you can decide which Grids you want to copy over (2). We have almost every Grid in the system available at this time of release, and for Grids like Attachments that have Enterprise and Container level grids, what ever is set up from the Enterprise level will be what is copied across to both sets of grids. Next, you choose which Users you want to copy the Grids to, and you can Select All if you need to copy to everyone (3). Finally, select Copy (4).


Now, next time your Users log into the system, they will see their Grids configured to the way you want them to be!


If you have any additional questions about Copying Grid Settings, please contact us at