Unlike assigning a Role Model, Copying Permissions from either one User or a Role Model to another allows you to further adjust your Users permissions after they have the copied permissions applied. Permissions can be copied from a User or Role Models and applied to as many other users within the system as you would like. Both Active and Inactive Users can be selected at the same time, so you can preset permissions before sending out initial login credentials.

Copy Permissions from a User

To start, head to Company Admin, Manage Users, and then to Copy Permissions.

To just Copy one Users permissions to either a single or multiple Users, select the Users radio button, and then choose the specific User you want to copy from using the drop down below. Next, you simply have to check the box from the section to the right for the Users you want to copy permissions to, and then click Copy Permissions


All selected Users will now have the same Folder, Contract Type, and Workflow permissions as the User selected from the dropdown. Like we mentioned in the opening paragraph, because you copied instead of assigning, you can now go into the User Account of any of the users selected to be copied to, and adjust any of their permissions if need be.

Copy Permissions from a Role Model

You can use the exact same steps as above, and receive the exact same results (being able to further adjust a Users permissions) using Role Models. All you have to do is select the Role Model radio button, and then select the Role Model from the drop down.

Assign Permissions from a Role Model

Finally, you can use this same process to Assign a Role Model to multiple Users at the same time. You should hopefully be able to guess by now that you would simply select the Assign Role Model radio button, and then select the Role Model you wish to apply.

Remember though, by assigning a Role Model as opposed to copying, you cannot go in and make further adjustments to those Users permissions. They are under the control of the Role Model, and you would need to adjust the Role Model itself. However, also keep in mind that any changes you make the the Role Model itself will cascade through ALL USERS who have that Role Model applied.

Copy Grid Setup

You now have the ability to Copy Grid Setups from one user to another. For more detail, click HERE.

If you have any additional questions about how to Copy or Assign permissions to Users within UCM, please reach out to us at UCMSupport@iContracts.com