After a User is marked "Active" in the system their User Information can't be edited unless they're made inactive again
To fix any incorrect information or spelling errors, follow these steps!

  1. From the users's profile, click the "Inactive" radio button and save to temporarily de-activate the user. (You can also deactivate users from the grid, using the "Active" checkbox. If you don't see the user you're looking for, make sure "Only Show Active Users" is not checked.)
  2. Once the user is Inactive, you can change/update whatever information is incorrect from their account page.
  3. Mark the user "Active" using the radio button and hit "Save" again.
  4. From the User Grid, you can click the "Little Blue Man" to send their new credentials, if necessary. You can also accomplish this by changing the password and making sure "Password Change Required" is marked.

**NOTE We don't recommend using this technique to update a User with their Replacement via Recycling! This can cause confusion when examining legacy and historical documents and contracts. You can, however create a Replacement User and use "Copy Permissions" to make their permissions identical.**