When you create new users, or when a user is deactivated, they can be removed from the User Grid if you have your settings configured to do so.

Why would a user become inactivated? Either they're inactivated because they're no longer with the company or because they've locked themselves out with too many incorrect password attempts!

  • When you create a new user, they remain "Inactive" and "Unconfirmed" until the user confirms their account/changes their password or until you manually mark them "active" and "confirmed."

    • How do you do that? Easy! On the grid, simply check the blank check boxes under the "Active" column and the "ForceConfirmation" column. This way, if you need a user active  to assign them contracts before they begin using the system you can do so. 

    • **Note: When you do allow the user to start logging in to UCM you'll have to send them a password reset using the "little blue guy" from the User Grid or they won't be able to access their account!**

  • What if I don't see the User in my grid?

    • Check the top of the User Grid. There's a few check boxes that could be the culprit.

      • Only Show Active Users - when marked, this will only show users that are marked "Active" in your system. A User may become deactivated manually or automatically, if they tried the wrong password too many times. Uncheck this box and you can view all Inactive Users. Check the "Active" box in the grid to re-activate the user.

      • Only Current UCO - When marked, this grid will show only Users that are created under the current UCO/UAP. Note that this only applies if you have a second module added. 

      • If you still don't see the user, make sure you aren't filtering by User Type (at the top of the Grid.)

Watch a brief video on this subject HERE!!

If you still don't see your User in the Grid, please contact support!