If you've added a new administrator to your system, there are some essential steps to really promote them fully! If your administrator is attempting to make changes in UCM and receives an error saying "(User) is not allowed to administer this UCO", here is how to resolve it as the Primary Admin for your company:

  • Go to Manage Users in Company Admin. Look in the grid for the┬ácolumn heading called "Administer UAP"

  • Click the "Administer UAP" link for this Administrator

  • Now select the appropriate UAP (Contract Management System)

  • Click 'Save Allowed UAP' and your admin can make company changes to this UAP!

    Note: Your administrator must refresh the permissions profile by clicking the circular blue arrows at the top right of the screen. Logging out and logging back in will also refresh user permissions.

Watch a short video on how to preform this action HERE!!

If you do not see the "Administer UAP" column in your Manage Users grid, please submit a support ticket and let us know so we may correct this for you.