This function allows System Administrators to send an email to all or select active Users within UCM, separate from their Company Email System (such as Outlook) and separately from emailing within a Contract Container.  This is a good way to notify UCM Users of an update or enhancement to UCM.

Is there a new policy change? New security measures? Is your company activating a new contracts process? Message one or more (or all!) users in UCM!

Click on “Message Users” to open the Email window. There are several parts to this screen:

  1. User Type - Filters the list of users available to email.
  2. Users List - Users listed which are selected in one of two ways
  3. Add to Mail Button - Inserts email addresses into the To: field.
  4. To - Where you can type email addresses directly or have them inserted from the Users List.
  5. Subject - Where you type the email subject.
  6. Message Area - Where you type the email message.
  7. Attachment(s) Browse Button - Brings up a File Explorer window to select any attachments to include with the email.
  8. Send/Cancel buttons - Send the email or cancel the email.

Sending an Email

User Type acts as a filter so you can select users by their UCM Access Rights. This makes it easier to choose which users should receive the email when sending to a large group.

Users are selected by either holding the [Ctrl] key while selecting multiple users, or by clicking on the CLICK HERE link to bring up the two-column Selection Box, which is similar to selecting Columns in the Contract Grid. Remember, only Active Users are listed here.

Use the > or » and « or < buttons to move user names across columns.
Click Save to accept your selections and return to the message window.

Add to Mail button

This inserts the selected users’ email addresses into the To: field. You can also manually type email address directly into this box. Email addresses are separated by a comma without spaces.


If you want to add any attachments, click on the Browse… button and select your document(s) from the File Explorer window. Multiple files are selected by hold the [Ctrl] key while selecting multiple documents.

Sending the Message

Click on the Send button to send your email message, obviously. You'll get a success message letting you know the email was sent!

Click on the OK button to acknowledge this message and return to the Manage Users screen.

The Users see their email in the Company email application like any other email they would receive.