On the right side of the new Enterprise Ribbon, you'll see four (4) new icons and a new looking Global Search that were all a part of the classic Ribbon, but have had some minor adjustments that we hope make for easier navigation throughout the system!


(A)Link that will take you directly the the UCM Knowledgebase. This was previously only accessed by going to the Profile/Help page.

(B)Refresh Security Profile, which has always been there as the smaller blue arrows in the classic Ribbon, will allow you to refresh your system to show any new Contracts entered by other Users.

(C)This NEW Notification Bell will work similarly to the Activities icon from the classic Ribbon, but with more information! A red dot will let you know if there are any items that need attention. More details below.

(D)User Profile will display your Username and User Type when you hover over (this information used to be at the very top of the page along with your Company Name and Current Object), and if you select it, you can either access the Profile/Help page to adjust some User settings or access the UCM LMS if purchased. You can also Logout.


(E)Global Search still has all the same functionality as before, however it will always appear in this condenser look when not in use. Clicking in the Search Bar will bring up all the Search Type, Object, and Archived options you are used to.


Notification Bell

The NEW Notification Bell in the Enterprise Ribbon replaces the Activities only option, by allowing you to also see your Assigned Contracts from Workflow, as well as any Contracts that you are assigned to Review (if your organization uses Reviews).

Any time you see a red dot above the bell, it means that you have one or more of the above items assigned.


Clicking the bell will bring up to three (3) pop-up boxes like the ones below depending on what you have assigned.


As we progress with the enhancements coming to UCM in 2021, we anticipate this area to get an overhaul as well to allow for easier navigation and more interaction with each specific item. Stay tuned!!