With the NEW Enterprise Ribbon, the Contracts Tab got a bit of an overhaul, and now will allow you to enter a new Contract through Direct Entry, Templates, or the Library from anywhere in the system by simply hovering over the tab! 


Clicking on any of the three options (A) will work the exact same as from the home page, and redirect you to enter a new contract, or select a Template from the grid. This also replaces, and improves, the green + that used to be in the classic Ribbon.

Recent Contracts (B) is a new option, that for the time being will simply redirect you Home, where you can access the five (5) contracts at the bottom. There are plans for this option to be a part of the Notification Bell Center that will show you this list from anywhere in the system.

The Assigned Contracts (C) tab has also been moved to this hover over, which is a change from it's static location in the previous Ribbon. The number in red will let you know how many Contracts are currently assigned to you. Selecting it will bring up the same pop-up list as before.