Within UCM, we refer to the top portion of your screen the Enterprise Ribbon. This area also won’t change, no matter where you are within the system.

In any training material that you’ll find in our Knowledgebase, you’ll commonly hear us refer to the Enterprise Ribbon when giving initial directions on how to complete a task in UCM. That is because most of what you’ll want to do in the system, Create a Contract, search for a Contract, create Reports on groups on Contracts, etc, all begin, or are fully accomplished, by using the Enterprise Ribbon.

To begin, lets break the Enterprise Ribbon into five (5) basic sections:


(1) Logo: Most of you will see the UCM logo here, but if you’d like to have your own custom logo here, please contact us at ucmsupport@icontracts.com and we can assist.

(2) System Information: Here you can see your Company Name, and your current UAP, or Object (for the majority of you this will be Contract Management System and there will be no other option).

(3) Global Search/Profile & Help: Global Search will be your most used feature of this area. It is how you search across the entire system for a single Contract, and more information about how Global Search works can be found HERE. The icons above will allow you to access the UCM Knowledgebase (?), Refresh your Security Settings using the circle arrows, check any outstanding Notifications using the envelop, and access Your Profile.

(4) Tabs: We are going to explore each Tab in more detail below, but when you hear us refer to a Tab in any training material, unless we specify that it is a Tab in a Container, we are referring to the Tabs in the Enterprise Ribbon. Ex: “Go to the Attachments Tab” means the Tab in our Enterprise Ribbon, “From inside a Contract Container, head to the Attachment Tab” means the Tabs that are located in the Container.

(5) New Contract Entry: Hovering over the Contracts tab will allow you to enter a new Contract from anywhere in the system by either Direct Entry, Templates, or Library.


Now let’s take a brief look at each tab in the Enterprise Ribbon:


(A) Home: This tab will simply return you to the Home Page. You can find more detail on the Home Page HERE.

(B) Contracts: The Contracts Tab will show you all the contracts in your system that you have access to, and it is also where you create Reports, or Views, from. More information about Views can be found HERE. Hovering over the Contracts tab will allow you to enter a new Contract from anywhere in the system by either Direct Entry, Templates, or Library.

(C) Attachments/Notes/Milestones/Activities/Tables: Similar to the Contracts Tab, Attachments, Notes, Milestones, Activities, & Tables also allow you to view all of a that particular item, and create Views specifically for those items.

(D) Company Admin: This option will ONLY appear for Administrators. It is where the System configuration and general settings are located at.