This month's First Friday Webinar covered Admin Communication, and and how you as Admins can best communicate with your UCM Users.

Coming Soon

  • NEW Look Enterprise Ribbon
    • Late November Release
    • Change in appearance and ease of use improvements
  • NEW Terms Box
    • Mid-Late January 2021 Release
    • December's First Friday: Fixed Terms Migration Instructions
    • January's First Friday: Rolling & Recurring Terms Discussion and Migration
    • Data Migration Questionnaire to help UCM Support assist in the Migration

In System Tools for Admin Communication

  • Email all Users
    • Message Users¬†from Manage Users
    • Can use the User Type dropdown and multi-select to quickly add the Users you need
    • Be sure to click Add to Mail after you've selected your User
  • Admin Directory (Contact List)
    • Use the Display in Admin Directory checkbox on an Admin Profile Page to include
    • Accessed from Profile/Help when logged in, or from the Forgot Password page on the Login screen
  • Knowledgebase Sections¬†for Quick Fixes
    • Promoted Articles on the Home Page
    • UCM Glossary
    • Quick Hits

Admin Spotlight

  • End User Communication example
    • We took a look at a UCM Admin from a large hospital organization in Missouri who used the above tools to put together a 1-page document for her end-users about updates to UCM and how it affects their internal processes.