The Global Search feature of UCM is meant to allow you to quickly search across your whole system for a single Contract. If you are trying to view data for a group of contracts, you’ll want to use Views instead, which information can be found HERE.

 You can search by (A):

  • Contract Name (most common)
  • Contract ID
  • Summary Data
  • Attachment Text

If you have multiple Objects in your system, you are also able to change which Object you are searching across (B).

If you think, or know, that the Contract you are searching for is Archived, make sure to have this checkbox marked (C).



Contract Name allows you to search by the name of your Contract Containers that you named. You are able to search full or partial words when using it, but you cannot add additional letters to your term.

    Ex: “Aram” WILL return our Aramark Contracts, but “Aramarks” would NOT.

Contract ID is a system generated random 6-digit ID. Some organizations will use these ID’s to search by, but most frequently, this will be used when contacting support to verify we are assisting with the correct Contract. The Include Archived checkbox will always be checked when using ID.

Summary Data lets you search across all of the Fields in your system, both custom and system attributes. This is helpful if you ever run into a situation where you cannot remember the name of a contract, but you remember a specific detail, like the Contact Persons name or the Expiration Date.

Attachment Text works similar to a Summary Data search, but it looks at your Attachments instead. Any documents that you upload to the system are automatically OCR’d overnight which allows them to be text searchable. Using smart quotes “ “, you can search for phrases across your documents as well.

*Documents will not be available for Text Searching the day they are upload. Please allow until the following day for the OCR to take place. OCR technology is based on the quality of the document uploaded. If it is a PDF that has been scanned multiple times and is fuzzy, not all words and phrases may be captured.

Search Results

Once you search, you’ll get a grid full of your returns. If the grid is empty, that means your search returned no results. In your grid, you’ll have links to go into your Container (A), and you’ll also be able to see why Global Search returned what it did in the Search Value Column (B). Whatever you searched for will be highlighted in blue.


You can use Search Type (A) and Search Term (B) to verify what and how you searched if you feel you received no results when you shouldn’t have. Ex: Searching for “Aramark”, but the Search Type is set to Contract ID.