Every User of UCM has the ability to change some of their Profile Settings by going to the My Profile section under the blue user icon in the top right corner.


Let's take a look at each section and the options available to you.

Support Center


Depending on the browser you are using, you'll see either two or three options here 

  • UCM Knowledgebase is a link directly to our Knowledgebase
  • Show System Administrators will give you a list of all the Admins within your Organization. There are times you may contact UCM Support about an issue, and we will have to refer you back to your System Admin before we can assist. Ex: Any support ticket related to your permissions, and what Contracts are visible to you in your system will need to be cleared by a System Admin before we can assist.
  • Google Chrome is the only browser that will display the Edit In Cloud Plugin

Account Information


You'll be able to see your Username and User Type, but you need to submit a request to one of your Local System Admins to have these changed. 

The only option you can change here is your Time Zone. If you notice that it is incorrect for where you are located, please adjust correctly for accurate Reminders and History Reports.

Email Signature


You can set a personal Signature for any email communication originated from UCM.

Currently, email signatures are text based only and cannot have images included.

Personal Information


Aside from your First & Last Name as well as your Email, all the information here is completely optional and not required to use UCM.

Your Email is also only able to be changed by an Administrator for security purposes. If you notice an error, please contact a System Admin immediately, as you will not be able to receive Notifications and Reminders without a valid email address.

Shared Views


Views in UCM are what we call reports. You can access, create, and edit Views from any of the tabs located in the Enterprise Ribbon at the top. For more information on Views, click HERE.

With Views users have the ability to share out their created Views to other Users of the system. If you find that there are certain Users who are "over-sharing" and cluttering up your Saved Views list, you can ignore their shared Views by selecting their name from the list here. Even if they select your name to share now, it will not appear in your Saved Views list.

Last Container Accessed


On your Home Page, located at the bottom, is a list of your last accessed Containers. Your System Admins may have selected a different number during implementation, but for the majority of our Users, this will be set to 5. If you want to increase this number, you can do so for yourself right here. This change will apply only to you, and will not effect any other Users in your organization.

Change Password


You can change your password at any time within UCM. There are just a few criteria that must be met:

  • Passwords must be at least Six Characters in length
    • This may be higher depending on your Organizations settings, but it will never be less that six
  • Contain at least one UPPERCASE letter
  • Contain at least one Number
  • Must not be identical to the previous password
    • But it can be identical to any other previous passwords

NOTE: Companies configured for Active Directory or Single Sign On will NOT have access to this Change Password option.