If a contract is entered while users are logged in, they won't immediately see it if they didn't create the contract container. (This is true for bulk-loaded contracts too!)

To show all contracts that have been entered they can log out and in again or use the circular 'refresh' arrows at the top right of the screen.


The originator (The User that entered the Contract) can see the contract because they created it but no other logged in users will see it until they log-out or refresh their permissions.

A contract will not show up in another logged in User's listing until the permissions are updated, which can be via a fresh login or via the refresh icon in the top right of the screen.

If this happens, ask the User to refresh their permissions via the little circular arrows icon in the top right, and then follow the instructions to reset the page they are on.

Or, the User can simply log out and log back in, if they are not sure how to use the Permissions reset.