Use Template to create a contract using predefined “boilerplate” documents loaded ahead of time, which are created by UCM System Administrators. When predefined Templates are used, upload accuracy is nearly flawless.

Click on the Template icon from the Home page, or from the Contracts Tab dropdown from anywhere in the system. If you don't see this icon, your Company may not use Templates, or you may not have Template permissions.


Select a Template by clicking on the “FillAndDownload” link, and use the form construction tool to complete your document. 

Create a New Contract Container

Once you "Click to fill Fields" you will see these three options at the top of your screen. Click the top radio button to "Create new Contract Container"

Enter Contract Details

The first segment of information is where you enter the details of the container. 

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk: *

  • Contract Name (Mandatory) - The name of this contract's container.
  • Contract Type (Mandatory) - Is this a Service Agreement? An NDA? If you have it configured, the contract type can determine what Workflow a contract goes into automatically. 
    • Contract type can also determine what fields and field groups will appear on your contract, configured by Admins in Company Admin. 
  • Assign Workflow Template (Recommended) Marking this checkbox will allow you to select a Workflow and initial stage based off that workflow. 
  • Initial Workflow Stage (Recommended) - If a workflow is not selected, this will default to the first stage in your company, alphabetically. 
  • Owner* - By default, the person entering the contract (YOU!) will be marked as the Owner.
    • Owners can be responsible parties for Alerts, Milestones and take action when a contract needs to be reviewed/approved/renewed etc. 
  • Responsible Parties (Optional) - If your company has responsible parties activated, you can pick additional UCM users to act on this contract's behalf.
  • Folder Name (Mandatory) - What folder should this appear in, in your company?
    • Note: If you can't see or select the right folder, the Owner of this contract may not be able to access that folder. You can only select what the owner can see! 

Enter Document Details 

This section is where you add your document details. This information pertains to the template document you're creating. Additional documents/document information can be added from the contract's attachment tab after it's created. Only the Title is mandatory in this section!

  • Document Title - What will this attachment be called? 
  • Document Category- Is this a Contract Request form? An NDA? 
    • Category is different from Contract Type in that it only applies to the individual document, rather than the contract as a whole. A Service Agreement might have many kinds of documents attached (A BAA, a COI, various licenses etc.)
  • Document State - Is this contract signed? Requested? Final? Enter the state here.
  • Document Description - Add an optional description of this document. This is different from a Contract Description... it only applies to this particular attachment.

Relate this New Contract to an Existing Contract

In this section, you can relate your new contract to one that's already in your system. You're presented with three drop down values:

  • Related To is Archived? - The contract you're relating this new one to, is it already archived? If you're not sure, leave this alone.
  • What Contract Type? - Do you know what Contract Type your related contract is? If not, change this drop down to '--All--' 
  • Which Contract? - Select the name of your contract. You can start typing the contract name to bring it up quickly. Otherwise these contracts are shown in.

Entering Defined Contract Fields

Information entered against the fields listed here will go directly into the Contract Template anywhere they had been previously set up and defined by the UCM System Administrator. 

Once you're done filling out your contract details, click on Enter Field Values into Template.

This will expand and show all the fields configured to this template with blank spaces for you to enter data. Red, bold fields are Mandatory. Red fields are requested and anything in black is optional data. 

Make sure the Save/Update Data in Container checkboxes are marked, so the data will sync to your contract container! 

Once your fields are all filled in, scroll down where you will see a preview of your template with the data entered as well as a series of icons.

Click the Word icon to create a Word file of your template. This is best if your company uses Edit-in-Cloud. You can save this file locally or open where it is.

The Adobe icon creates a PDF version of your Template document. Like the Word file, you can save this file locally.

Click the Create Container Icon to create a Container, (you must chose PDF or Word options FIRST).

Your field data will appear below, where it's been configured to show up in the Template. This data will also sync over to the container, if configured.

Adding Additional Documents

After clicking the add container icon you will be directed to a page where you can add up to ten additional documents and their categories to the container

Note: This area is completely optional; you can simply click Save to move on.

Once you select Save, the documents upload to that Container with basic metadata attached. You may want to update the data surrounding the document in the Attachments Tab for the Container.

Click Continue at the bottom right to navigate directly to the container.