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This month's First Friday Webinar covered the remaining types in the NEW Terms Box, Rolling & Recurring, as well as took a look at some examples of Contracts that would use these types of Terms.

Terms Box Questionnaire

  • If you completed and returned to UCM Support, you'll be contacted during the week of 1/11/2021
    • Direct Link to Questionnaire in email sent on Monday 1/11
    • You can also download and return the form to UCM Support from the article HERE
  • No current Release Date set for New Terms Box, but everyone will receive a 2 week notice prior to release
  • More focused and detailed webinars for each of the three (3) main Term Types will held 2 weeks prior to release as their own session
  • Bulk Load Template sheets will be provided with those webinars and Knowledgebase Articles to allow you to complete your own data transfer if you prefer

UCM Case Study Webinar Candidates

  • We would like to know how UCM is benefiting your organization.
  • Case Studies are Power Point presentations that range from 15 - 30 minutes
  • iContracts will provide a Slide Deck and assist in the creation of the Webinar
  • Some Suggested Topics include:
    • How were you managing contracts before implementing UCM?
    • What made you decide to change to a software-based solution?
    • How are you using UCM on a day-to-day basis?
    • Has UCM improved processes during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • If interested, please contact Kristen Abrahamsen at, or keep an eye out for an email directly from her later this week!

NEW Terms Box | Rolling

  • Options include:
    • Start Date
    • Review Date (Optional)
    • Review Recurrence (either pre-defined in Contract, or on your own custom schedule)
  • Would apply to any Contracts that would NOT have a defined end-date, and do not require hard defined and set dates for actions to be taken on the Contract
  • Examples could include Evergreen or Service Contracts

NEW Terms Box | Recurring

  • Options include:
    • Start Date
    • Renewal Period (How often does the Contract Renew? Set in Years, Months, Weeks, or Days)
    • Renew Until? (How long does the Contract Renew for? Can be set on a number of Cycles, Specific Date, or Forever)
    • Initial Period is Different? (Optional. If the Initial Period is different from the normal Renewal Period, it can be predefined)
    • Notify By (Is advance Notice needed for any changes made prior to the Renewal or End Date?)
    • Cancellation Date (If this C0ntract is Canceled prior to the predefined end date, when?)
  • Would apply to any Auto-Renewing Contracts that either have a predefined End Date, or have specific dates for renewals/termination decisions to be made.
  • Examples could include Cooperative Agreements for a set period of time