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This month's First Friday Webinar gave updates to the status of Terms, as well as taking an early look at how Terms Reports will be created and the NEW AMR's!

Terms Box Questionnaire

  • If you completed and returned to UCM Support, but you have NOT been contacted yet, please reach out to UCM support.
  • If you have not completed and returned the Questionnaire yet, you can download and return the form to UCM Support from the article HERE
  • Estimated release of TERMS is 4/1/2021
    • 2 week advanced notice will be given

Three Ways to Submit a Support Ticket

  1. Email directly
  2. Submit a ticket from the Knowledgebase - Will let us know what article you were viewing previously to assist in your issue
  3. Help Widget from within UCM - Allows you to take and share a Screenshot without any installs or plug-ins. The preferred and best method of contact

Check Your Support Ticket Status

  • If you have ever submitted a ticket to UCM Support, or are the local UCM Administrator, you most likely have an account with our support.
  • You can check if you have an account by going to the Sign Up in the top right corner of this page. 
  • Enter your UCM email, and if you receive the message below about it already being registered, go back to Sign In, and select the Reset Your Password option to have a link sent.

  • You can then check your Ticket Statuses at any time

Standard Terms Migration Plan

Note: This Migration will either be preformed with assistance from UCM Support if you have met with us 1-on-1 to discuss, or, if you have NOT met with us, you can preform the steps below on your own AFTER the release of Terms. Estimated release is 4/1/21. Please contact UCM Support for any questions, and more detailed instructions for each type of Term will be coming closer to release. 

Upon the release of Terms, the standard Migration plan for all existing Dates in your system will will be as below:

  • Create a Term Migration View in UCM using the set-up in the image below:
    • (A) Contract ID - Exists - True will give you every Contract in your system
    • (B) Checking Include Archived will include all Contracts in your system, including historically archived/expired Contracts
    • (C) Make sure to include your systems current version of Start & End Date. If you also have a Notice By Days or Notice Dates, you will want to include those on this report as well.

  • After running the above View and exporting the Report to an Excel file, Copy & Paste the appropriate data from your Term Migration View into the provided Terms Bulk Loading Template (attachment at the bottom of this article) on the Fixed tab.
  • Upon release, you'll be able to bulk load that data into UCM to transfer all your current Start/End Dates into the new Terms Box into the Fixed Term Type.
  • Any Rolling or Recurring Contracts can be transitioned from Fixed "naturally" as their "End Dates" approach and Users are notified to access the Container (just as current Renewal's are handled in UCM).
  • Instructions for Clean-Up of old dates will be provided as the release date approaches.

Reporting with Terms

  • All Term Types, Fixed, Rolling, & Recurring have the appropriate Term Headers grouped and sorted in the column selector screen for ease of adding to new and existing Views.

  • Data Fields like Duration and Notify By that require multiple data points when entering the information in the Container or through the Bulk Loader will be combined when running Views for ease of reporting.


  • AMR's (Automatic Milestone Rules) are getting a big change in the next few weeks as we get ready to release Terms!
  • Existing Milestones will still send emails, and will NOT BE UPDATED/DELETED unless requested
  • This change will allow for more flexible notifications reminders by allowing you to now set:
    • Initial Notification - When the First email will be sent
    • Reminder Period - How often do you want them to be reminded. Each User will also have the ability to truly Snooze their reminders on their own schedule as well, but only up to the next Reminder Date based n the admin set-up.
    • Final Notice - The final notice cannot be Snoozed
    • EscalationYou can now set a User, or sets of Users, to receive Escalation Milestone Reminders just like with Workflow to help keep Users on task
  • More information and set-up options will come as we near the release date