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This month's First Friday Webinar covered the new Logic Based AMR (Milestone) configuration, how UCM Support sees Notify By being used with Terms, how Notify By will affect your AMR's, and finally, a look at how Terms will be reported on using View Criteria.

Logic Based AMR for Terms

  • Single date selection in AMR set-up that will automatically default to the date that will give the MOST notice
  • Ensures critical dates are never missed, regardless of the Terms of the Contract
  • Applies to all Term Types. See chart below for a summary of which Term Date will be used based on Term Type selection.

Notify By & AMR's

  • Notify By is an option on Fixed & Recurring Term Types that will allow you to create an advanced notice date based on your End or Renewal Date
  • Notify By is NOT how you set your AMR's (Milestones) for your Contracts
  • If you are using the Logic Based AMR configuration, then Notify By will affect when the email notification is sent, but still give the same warning as all your other Milestones that are sent on End/Review/Renewal Dates

Best Practices for Notify By

  • UCM Support's position on the use of Notify By is:
    • If it is in the Terms of the Contract, enter it
    • If it is NOT in the terms of the Contract, leave Notify By unchecked and blank

  • It is important to remember though, this is YOUR system. You can use Notify By however you'd like, and using it more than necessary won't do anything other than give your users additional notice for their contracts.
  • If used "incorrectly" and notice is being given too early, your Users will most likely let you know, and you can either adjust your Milestone configuration, or remove the Notify By information for the Contracts that do not truly need them.

Terms Fields as View Criteria

  • Many of the new Term Fields are able to be reported on just as your custom date, dropdown, and numeric fields can, but there are some small changes and differences for certain fields like Duration and Notify By
  • Any of the new Term Fields that have multiple entries in the Container itself, like Duration, that are then combined into one grid column when reporting, will still have two View criteria selections required when running reports.
  • In the image below, you can see an example of what will happen when you select Duration Length, the system will automatically include Duration Type as a selection too
    • Both these options (Length & Type) are needed for any of the Length Term Fields in the Criteria dropdown

  • More details on specific reports that can be run will be provided with the Term Specific webinars