With the new style of AMR’s, there are now a few new grid items that you will want to incorporate with your Milestone grids. Below is a recommended layout, which includes all new columns, and a few old ones as well!

A) Complete & Snooze – Complete has always been here, but we have now added Snooze as well. Clicking either will bring up the AMR pop-up menu, with both options as a selection, but the one clicked from the grid as the default option. A marked Snooze icon means the Milestone is currently snoozed and will be sending out a reminder in the future.

B) Milestone Name & Responsible Person – These columns have also always been available. We strongly recommend keeping these two items together, and close to the Snooze & Complete options, so you are always certain of which Milestone you are working with.

C) Milestone Date, Initial Notice & Notify Person on Date – While these details have always been here as well, we have renamed a few items here. Milestone Date is the date on which the Milestone is based. This would be whatever your Specific Date selection was when you configured your AMR. Initial Notice is the initial number of days’ notice that the Milestone will be sent on, which calculates the Notify Person On Date. This date will always stay as the date the Initial Notice was sent on, with the Snooze Date being the next reminder date.

D) Times Snoozed & Snooze Date – Each time your Users Snooze an AMR, the Times Snoozed counter will go up. The Snooze Date itself will be the next future date that the User will be reminded of this AMR.

E) Repeat and Final Notification & Final Notification Sent Repeat Notification and Final Notification both track the number of days that automatic reminders will be sent regardless of your Users snooze preferences. Final Notification Sent will only be marked if the email is sent and the AMR is not completed prior to the final warning. This will be helpful in reporting, to find any Milestones that are currently at risk of not being completed in time.

F) Escalation Notification & Notify on EscalationEscalation Notification tracks the days prior to the Milestone Date that the Escalation will send, and Notify on Escalation will let you know exactly who will be notified.


All of these column headers are also available as View Criteria for any Milestone Reports on a per-contract basis, as well as from the enterprise ribbon.