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This month's First Friday Webinar covered the changes that went into the system with the release of TERMS and discussed how to best transition to the new type of Automatic Milestone Rule (AMR's).

Issues & Bug Fixes with TERMS

With the release of Terms, there were some issues and bugs that were reported to Support. The list below is not a complete list, just the most commonly reported issues, or the ones that applied to the most organizations. If you have been in contact, and working with support on a an issue you do not see listed below, we are still hard at work on it, it is just not affecting enough users to be mentioned at this time. 

Resolved Issues

  • Full Access (without Edit permission) and Read-Only Users being able to edit Term Data
  • Missing scroll bar in Firefox browser, and Save Icons not appearing when editing Owner/Primary/Secondary/Tertiary
  • Primary Document wrapping issues preventing Edit in Cloud from being accessed
  • Term Start & End Dates for Fixed Term Types were not able to be the same day (for 1-day contracts)
  • Rolling & Recurring Review/Renewal dates not appearing correctly. (Issues with Cycle count remain, but should be resolved the week of 5/10)

Issues Being Worked On

The below issues are currently being worked on, and we anticipate fixes for in the next week or two.

  • Increase the size of the Contract ID, and add on an easy Copy ID & Name link
  • On Fixed Term Types, allow the End Date to be left blank (with a warning message) for Contracts that have not yet had their full terms negotiated
  • Rolling & Recurring Cycle count off
  • Remove certain areas for Read-Only users that they cannot interact with for an easier user experience
  • Add Related Contract link back to the About box for easier access (will be remaining under the Related Contract tab as well)
  • Initial Notification Passed email being sent too frequently and in high numbers 

In the Works

The following items have been reported, and we have begun to take a look at, but work will commence once the above issues have been resolved.

  • Allow for Term Fields to be required (Warning or Mandatory)
  • Restrict Term Type availability (the exact methods are to be determined, but we have heard requests for Contract Type, System Level, and User Permissions. All options may not be available immediately, but certain restrictions will be available soon.)
  • Term Entry "Flow"
  • Milestone Statuses
  • Notification Center

Transitioning to the New AMR's

We walk through how to transition in the last 15 minutes of the webinar, but there is a full step-by-step guide available HERE to follow along with.

Benefits of Transitioning to the New AMR

  • Less items in the grid (Only 1 AMR per User)
  • Snoozing along with Scheduled Reminders (Gives you the same power as an Admin, but allows your Users to have more control and receive additional reminders if the choose)
  • Escalation option (Loop in managers or C-level users only when absolutely needed)
  • Any new Milestones will be created using this format (existing Rules will stay and can be edited still)