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In this month's First Friday Webinar we discussed some minor enhancements that went live over the last month, as well as one larger enhancement, Default Additional Access for OPST (Owner, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary). We also covered some Reporting Basics of UCM using Views.

Minor Enhancements

Over the last month, the following changes were made to the system to help performance and functionality:


  • End Date is no longer required for Fixed Term Contracts through in system entry. A warning message will appear to confirm End Date should be left blank.
  • Bulk Loading/Migrating Term data is now easier with the added ability to allow for missing Start and End Dates on Fixed Term Contracts


  • Waring message will now appear stating that Milestone Notifications may be updated whenever the Terms of a Container are adjusted
  • Initial Notification Passed email will no longer be sent the day after creating a new AMR

Contract Entry

  • On Direct Entry, Document Details and the file itself will remain if a required item from the top portion is forgotten
  • When entering Field Data into a new Contract Container, any Field Groups left blank will now remain on the Container, which removes the need to perform the "Contract Type refresh" action of brining back the default Field Groups due to their disappearance.

Default Additional Access for OPST

A much requested enhancement which allows for you to default the Owner, Primary, Secondary, and/or Tertiary to be automatically granted Additional Access to the Container, which ensures they will be able to access it regardless of their normal Folder Permissions.

For more information on Additional Access as a security feature, click HERE.

For a step-be-step guide of how to set Additional Access system defaults, click HERE.

Reporting Basics with Views

  • How to filter your Views using criteria (Type, Dates, Vendor, Responsible Parties, etc.
  • How to configure what will actually appear on your View
  • How to share and save your Views for ease of reporting in the future

Knowledgebase section for Views and Reporting: Step-by-Step Guides