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In this month's First Friday Webinar we discussed some minor enhancements that went live over the last month, as well as many enhancements that have gone live in UCM over the past 18 months. Each topic below has links to the Knowledgebase Article on the subject for more details.

NEW Enhancements

6/28 Releases

  • Recurring Term Types that use the Until Date selection will ow display an End Date badge in the Container, and on any Views
  • Allow Collaboration and Allow Complete All Milestones added to the Manage User grid to allow for easier application to multiple Users

Additional Access Permissions with Folder Access

  • Updates to how permissions are applied when a User has BOTH Additional Access and Folder Permissions
  • System will now compare both sets of User permissions and give the fullest combination of permissions
  • More details HERE

PAST Enhancements

Each bullet point below is a clickable link to a related article with more details about the specific topic.

User & Admin Enhancements

Additional Access & Roles Enhancements

New Look System Enhancements

Terms Box & Milestone's (AMR's)